Newly discovered and rediscovered emperor penguin colonies in 2019

Earlier this year a new dataset on emperor penguin colonies was published in the Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation journal highlighting newly discovered and rediscovered emperor penguin colonies in Antarctica in 2019. Discoveries have been facilitated by the use of satellite imagery with higher resolution.

The new research shows 65 locations, of which 61 are currently occupied. Out of those 8 colonies are newly discovered and 3 were rediscovered in 2019.

Data sources

Data on emperor penguin coloniy location comes from "Discovery of new colonies by Sentinel2 reveals good and bad news for emperor penguins". The shapefiles are from the SCAR Antarctic Digital Database (ADD) over at BAS. The Antarctica terrain comes from Howat, I. M., Porter, C., Smith, B. E., Noh, M.-J., and Morin, P.: The Reference Elevation Model of Antarctica, The Cryosphere, 13, 665-674, 2019.

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